Banking Software System – Top 4 Features to Look For

Digital innovations have transformed various industries in the past. One such industry that underwent a huge transformation is the banking sector. To meet the changing demands of the customers, banks had to adapt to transformations swiftly. The banking sector made it a priority to provide customer-first digital service and it paved the way for digital core banking initiatives. If you are planning to up your game today with the best digital software system it is time for you to adopt one with the best features. Here are 4 features that you must look for in a banking services system.

A banking software system will offer a myriad of features and applications. This list is to help you pick out the best based on its features:

Advanced security integration

The banking solution should allow advanced security integration. As banking activities tend to become more and more online, money mismanagement and fraudulent transactions are highly likely to occur at any time. One of the key features that you must focus on in a core banking system is high-priority safety features across all verticals of the banking sector. Options like dual authentication processes and digital identity management make sure tight security is on spot from both the bank and customer sides. The banking software should comply with the latest banking rules and regulations of RBI, NPCI, UIDAI, and IDRBT and support banking at different levels. 

Digital management of cash

Day-to-day activities such as deposits, withdrawals, and transfers can be processed digitally without any in-person contact. This makes the regular manual activities highly safe and efficient. As banking activities tend to become more and more online, money mismanagement and fraudulent transactions are something that may occur occasionally. With continuous upgradation of the hardware, the software should extend its support for changes in the future. 

Customer onboarding

In the traditional banking system, onboarding is one of the highly complicated tasks considering the factors such as compliance with regulations, making most of the talent etc. with the Video – KYC & Centralised KYC application, you can make customer onboarding less cumbersome and seamless. The software helps in easy verification of the customers right from the processing of applications. The customer onboarding features helps you escape the hassle of endless paperwork and verifications. Customer onboarding feature curbs operation costs spent on customer visits & time spent. The entire process of taking a new customer becomes possible with only a few clicks.

Other features

The banking software systems must also support other processes conducted throughout the day.

  • Loan management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Integration with new financial products
  • Record maintenance
  • Best safety practices like firewall and DCDR against common software attacks. 

These modules make the daily banking operations much more efficient. It also helps the bank boost customer engagement and generates better revenue. This is because customer engagement and excellent banking experience are the two most important pillars that make any banking experience outstanding.

Bottom line

The online banking sector is about to transform the world of banking. Maximum proficiency and outstanding efficiency are what banks desire and to attain that, hire the best online banking software provider who offer an integrated solution to every problem.

Top 5 FinTech Trends to watch out for in 2021 – Finances

The year 2020 was a wake-up call for digital innovators. Though the year was on halt due to the pandemic, the online platform went booming increasing the need for innovative banking solutions to solve the fast-paced demands of the customer. This became especially true for financial technology or fintech. The fintech industry is booming with new technology and is on the lookout for enhanced solutions. With tons of people opting for an online financial transaction, it’s no surprise that Fintech has grown to the next level. After the growth seen in 2020, 2021 expects a lot of new trends that continue to grow related to customer demand. In this post let us take a look at 5 FinTech trends you can watch out for.

Digital-only banking

Though digital banking has been in use for the past decade, the pandemic spiked the popularity and demand of the online banking system. Research exhibits that more than 50 percent of customers used digital banking. 87 percent of people using digital banking plan to continue using online banking even after the pandemic. This shows that online banking has become a necessity. Along with online banking, mobile banking has also become the match-winner. Fintech is developing robust mobile banking and online banking system.

Biometric security systems

The mobile banking system and various digital finance solutions that have gained popularity are now at the fingertips of people. But with the spread of digital solutions, security-related issues arise. FinTech companies strive to find a solution that can be used to enhance security. Biometric security systems are one of the best ways to take security to the next level. Likewise, the market of a biometric system is expanding and is undergoing major changes. The biometric systems that need physical contact are said to drop while contactless biometric systems will rein the market.

Open banking

Open banking is another popular technology that brings together banks and financial technology and allows data networking. It allows the banks to make use of their data in a standardized and secure manner. The open banking system also helps to control the banking and clients’ financial data using a third-party app with AI and ML. The open banking systems are speculated to have a booming future. According to the reports, open banking is going to reach $43.15 billion by 2026. The systems offer a consolidated view of the customer financial accounts and help in better financial decisions.


The regulatory technology or RegTech is expected to bring significant technological advancements. It is going to regulate the financial industry and transform the financial landscape. RegTech performs various functions such as monitoring, risk management, and compliance software. It helps banks and various other financial institutions to cut administrative overhead and provide stability for customers. The RegTech is exceptionally known for its speed, agility and analytical features.

Payment innovations

The payments innovation of FinTech includes various elements such as mobile payment, mobile wallets, AI and ML security, identity verification and more. The mobile banking payment is said to see huge growth in 2021 with more than 760 million users across the globe. Mobile wallets have become favourite for people as it promotes contactless payment. The apps also offer rewards, offers for the users making it most loved.

Bottom line

Get your FinTech solutions now and make your business advanced. We at Finacus offer a robust solution as the best financial service provider in the country.

Online Payment Solution: Leading to a Cashless World!

The main goal of the economy in today’s world is a cashless world. People tend to use cards and phones to make payments and transactions instead of cash. A few years back, using the card was what people aimed for and that is what the banks promoted. But using card required machines at commercial points. In case there are no machines people have to use cash. This is no longer the case with the advent of an online banking system. Online banking system allows the customer to perform various banking activities on the go or from the comfort of the home. To use an online banking system, all one needs is a smartphone and a bank account, which now can be opened online. Online banking eliminates the need for cash.

Advantages of online banking

There are various online banking methods and each has its benefit. However, the advantages of online banking on whole cannot be neglected.

PCI compliance

The online banking solution ensures safety for any financial transaction that you perform. The word PCI abbreviates as Payment Card industry. It has listed a few goals that have to be followed by all the banks that issue and deal with a credit card. The main goals include maintaining a secure network, protecting the data of cardholders and regularly monitoring every transaction.

SSL 128-bit data encryption

Most of the online management software adheres to the SSL 128-bit data encryption policy to shield the information that passes through the online banking system. The data encryption allows the online banking system in India to process all types of credit and debit cards, and gateway payments in a secured manner to prevent any fraudulent activity.

Optimized customer journey

The online banking solution allows the customer to make a purchase anywhere around the globe and any time of the day. Instant confirmation and convenience of instantaneous payment improve customer retention and gratification.

Reduced processing cost

To provide card transactions for the customer, one has to tie up with a card processor. The processor will offer a payment gateway to process the transaction and incur a charge for processing. Instead of this, if you use online payment software, the charges of the processor can be reduced.

Various method of payment acceptance

When you depend on the traditional brick and mortar stores, the payments are done usually through cash or card. But in an online setup, you have an endless possibility of payment. The banks have adopted this notion and offer various modes through which the customer can make a payment. Some of the most common online payment methods include e-wallets, mobile banking, and more.

Handle money with any tension

Every kind of business from event Management companies to local stores can find an online payment solution that is user-friendly and safe. With an online management system, money collected can easily be segregated and organized according to preference. Less human interference equals improved efficiency.

Altogether, internet banking services in addition to paving the way for a cashless world improves the efficiency of banks and standardizes operation.


FinCore, a completely web-based solution for Core banking to improve the banking sector at a reduced price. The FinCore solution is a multi-pronged system that addresses various aspects of banking operations and financial management. Some noteworthy features include:

• Ease of access

• User-friendly interface

• Save time and cost of processing

• Better management of risk

• Customer retaining features

Bottom line

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5 Key Benefits of Online Banking for SMBs

Digital banking has not been a boon only for individuals. Small businesses also experience a host of benefits with online banking. The “Digital India” campaign that was launched by the government in 2015 has played a crucial role in making digital banking popular across the country. The popularity of online banking has proven to be beneficial for small companies as they can save a lot of resources and time. Internet banking services have made keeping track of expenses convenient and efficient. Gone are the days when a person in the company had to go to the bank in-person to deposit a check or withdraw cash as everything can be done online.

online banking for SMBs

Seamless syncing with accounting

One of the biggest pains for small business owners is accounting. Online banking and accounting has made management of accounts easier than ever as all the transactions are added to your accounting without the need for spending hours manually adding the transactions. This saves a lot of time and makes sure that the financial reports are up to date.

Anywhere anytime access

One of the biggest benefits of the online banking system is its access round the clock. The 24×7 access throughout the year offers business owners the to manage transactions from the comfort of their home and office. Even if you have doubts; you can log in and check the transactions. You need not visit the bank every time you have to send money to someone or receive money. You can do various business activities such as to send money, view balance and receive money anywhere and anytime.

Fraud alerts

Digital banking allows you to see the transactions in real-time and if something seems fishy; your bank will give you an alert. They will verify the location and if something is off, a red flag will be raised. All the banking transactions will be done in a single window, so you will be fully aware of all the transactions taking place.

Increased security

Online banking is more secure compared to cash transactions. Since that transaction is done digitally, the risk of theft and burglary is ruled out. This overcomes one of the common problems faced by the businesses handling cash. With online banking, the risk of human error is also reduced drastically. You can customize employee access with online banking. Since not all the employees need to access all the accounts, certain features enable sharing content with the selected employee.

Mobile banking

Online banking not only offers a banking portal on the web but you can do transactions through a mobile phone too. Most of the banks have their exclusive mobile apps that can be used to perform any transaction on the go. Even if you can’t access a laptop or computer, you can still manage your transactions through your phone.

Our robust solutions

If you are struggling with business financial management you can try our FinCORE solution which is a Core banking solution. It helps in streamlining the business’s processes with Information Management and Risk Management as the key. It offers a plethora of features centered around the modern architecture of banking.

 Bottom line

It is never late to embrace a robust online banking system to manage all your transactions efficiently and meticulously. We are one of the best online banking software providers in India. We will provide you with the information needed and a demo.