5 Inherent Features of Top Banking Software Companies

The banking industry today had to go through several changes. One of the changes was to integrate a blockchain in the financial services of the bank. For the bank to remain with many customers, it has to invest in banking software and technology. The technological changes affect even the banking industry. Therefore it is essential to keep up with the technology changes to offer quality banking services to clients. With these increasing demands, the banking software companies are coming out with robust software that provides the ideal solution to financial institutions.

When the banks are very keen to build the software that provides the mobile solutions, and when they plan to hire the services that build such software, banks need to consider some important features before choosing the best software provider.  Read on more to know the five integral features of the top banking software companies.

Wide range of clients

While a bank wants to hire the best company to get the best online banking services, it should pay attention to look into the list of clients belonging to the software company. A reputed company in the market will have a wide range of clients. They will also take pride in its rich clientele that unveils clients from the far corners of the globe. The established ones offer the best solutions for the customers belonging to the finance, banking and insurance industries.

Experienced team

The reputed online banking software providers are well equipped with the modern trends and technologies in the market. The best company will have the best team with lots of experience that paves the way for ideal banking solutions. The team comprises the subject matter experts, financial specialists, portfolio managers, investment managers, bankers and other specialists. They all work together to provide effective solutions for clients across the globe.

Customized solutions

One of the features that sets experienced companies apart from the ordinary ones is their ability to offer customized online banking software solutions. The reputed companies that build online banking software should have rich experience in offering customized solutions. These establishments mainly deal with the specific needs of financial institutions and come up with solutions that address the needs of financial institutions.

Software with high-value performance

The software company that earns acclaims from various quarters is a company that is known for its high-value performance. The software they develop gets implemented easily and quickly and gets maintained efficiently. The complete integration of modules, low operational and maintenance costs, and the rapid deployment of various mobile products become the inherent elements of the software that gets built to offer online banking solutions.

Good support

A company that develops the software to offer online solutions to financial institutions provides good support. They make sure whether the software functions efficiently and smoothly at all times.

Therefore, when the financial institutions plan to hire the particular online banking service provider, they have to pay attention to these five integral features, which helps to pick the best one in the process.

FINACUS is one of the best banking software companies. One of our products is FINLUNA that helps the bank provide the loan originating system with excellent support in creating flawless documentation and delivering effective service to its customers. If you want something that can support different loan products and loan types, you can get help from FINACUS.

Banking Software Providers For Real-Time Banking Solution

The banking landscape is undergoing some transitional phases in this decade. Consequently, they have been facing several infrastructural compliances, economic and competitive challenges. The internet banking is found to be a buzz word in the real-time banking infrastructure. As a result, these financial institutions are constantly looking for some solutions that might add to the efficiency with fewer expenses. 

Software becomes the only way to achieve this aim. So, several software providers are working on the development of the best online banking software. Here are some of the ways through which the banking software will help the bank employees and customers.

Optimized Customer Experience 

As per the research, most financial institutions do not offer the best customer experience plan. Around 40% of the financial institutions are not looking for different ways to enhance the customer experience. This can be possible to achieve with the banking software services to reduce the downtime, maintenance schedules and cut-off time. This will also offer some real-time core banking system, which will allow the customers based on some preferences to make use of the banking facilities during the odd hours. 

Integration Across Channels 

Recently, the banks have multiple channels on the daily banking operations that can be performed quickly. When these works are sophisticated and complete in them, it can be referred to essentially as the standalone system and all these are structured when you need to execute a set of functionalities. When it comes to real-time banking, it will sync multiple channels and it will also integrate all these standalone applications to give a centralized view, which is a great way to eliminate confusion. 

Manage Frauds 

Banks are one so the areas that have to be more careful from fraud. When you are choosing the best online bank software, it will help you with enough measures for the detailed encryption and several other security measures. So, people may not need to worry about the transaction process or managing cash or maintaining a relationship with the bank. 

Risk And Compliances 

The regularity might need to be introduced based on some guidelines, which is more important to implement and practice simultaneously. Governance and risk compliance might become high in priority when the credit market raises high. Few banks have already started enjoying the benefits from real-time banking and some are aiming to advance themselves to enter into this technology. However, in this micro-dynamic environment, it is vital for all the banks to focus on every approach that will aim in securing their stake in this market. Here, a substantial step in embracing CBS for real-time banking can also be included. 

Efficient Back-office Operations

Several top banking software companies are now working to make the work easier. Here, the overall banking process will be integrated. The process also involves staffing, transportation, employee benefits, and several others. This real-time system will help you to get rid of some manual intervention in the overall back-office process. As a result, it helps in reducing errors and time for the process. 

The Bottom Line 

Thus, you might have got some idea of the ways that this software is working and how it will be beneficial for the banking industry in recent days. Understand the complete benefits of it and know this could perform for you. Implement them in the right way to enjoy its pros. 


Top 10 Useful Facts You Should Know Of Online Banking

Through online banking, you can manage your money online with the help of your mobile or computer. There is no need of visiting the banks but can do all the bank associated activities at all your convenience. Online banking is very easy to use. Electronic money is getting very popular. Many countries in the world are operating completely cashless. Banks have contributed a lot to this evolution process. Now you can conduct business from anywhere and at any time.

Let us see some of the most useful facts that everybody should know about Online Banking solutions. However, its facts are as follows.

Open Accounts

You can check all kinds of accounts online. There is no need to print or sign anything. Previously, there was a need for you to spend a long time with a personal banker during the business hours to fend off the sales pitches. With the electronic signature now in hand, it takes just 10 minutes now.

Pay Bills

With the help of online banking, you can transfer the money to the payee electronically. It can be done even if you had to transfer a different amount every month. There is no need to write a cheque to pay the bills now. The bank can just take a print and mail it to you.

Transferring Funds

To move money from the checking account to the savings account or to put extra cash to your certificate of deposit or to open a brand new certificate of deposit there is no need to visit a bank. There are also ways in the banking software to link the bank account at different banks and can zap the money back and forth.

Apply For Loans

Loans will automatically make us remember the intensive paperwork. But now with online banking, you can type all the required information. The process will immediately start to cheque your credit and the bank itself will get back to you with an answer. Some lenders operate completely online and they make instant lending decisions.

Guaranteed Good Rates

Online banking provides competitive rates. However, you have to shop around to know where the best interest rates are given.

Deposit Cheques

There are many ways to deposit the cheque given by someone. The fastest and easiest option is to use the remote check deposit. You can just snap a photo of the cheque and give it to the bank for payment. There is no need to visit a branch or mail the cheque. You can also do the same with the mobile device.

Stay Informed

There are options in the online banking software, to check your accounts manually. You can even use the text messages to manage your account, check the balances and many more. With everything being easily available, opening an app to find the balance in the account can seem to be a lot of work. Instead, you can send a text and avail of the information.

View History

It is very easy to get access to online transactions. You can download all the historical statements as well.


The speed of the transaction is very fast because of the use of online banking along with the ATMs in comparison to the customary banking. Updating and maintenance of direct accounts are very easy. The time taken for changing the mailing address is also reduced to a great extent.

Dodge Fees

Online bank services will cost very less and still, all the online banking providers are providing many offers for us to take advantage of.

Key things to avoid with financial software solutions

The popularity of financial software systems has risen significantly because of their large number of benefits and advantages. A great solution can help your organization get ahead in the market and increase your customers without putting much effort.

Still, there are some precautions you should follow with these solutions. The following points will help you in this regard:

The experience of the provider

The most important to keep in mind is the experience of the software provider. A common mistake among major organizations is overlooking the experience of the service provider due to the running costs. While a small difference in experience might not influence the results, a more experienced service provider would have better knowledge of the market and the solutions you would require.

You will not have to worry about the occurrence of any mistakes when you will be availing the services of an experienced service provider. Finding such a service provider is not a hard task as well because you can find a number of great options online without any hassle.

Ignoring arising issues

It is necessary for your organization to stay in touch with the technical team of the service provider. Ignoring an arising issue within the software solution could lead to some serious losses in data or performance. That’s why businesses spend heavily on the security and updates of the financial software solutions they utilize. One would want to avoid any risks associated with such a crucial part of the organization.

Moreover, staying in touch with the technical team will help you find out about the latest updates. Consulting with them and taking their help to overcome these issues will make sure that your organization does not have to compromise with the productivity and performance. With a good service provider, you will be able to contact the technical team with ease as well.

Less accommodation of funds

Some financial organizations do not recognize the importance of the financial software systems they use. Due to this reason, they cut the expenses and spend less on the software solution. However, this leads to the development of a number of issues because of the lack of funds, the provider becomes unable to offer proper services.

While a great software solution can help the organization in optimizing its productivity, the opposite is also true. A bad quality software solution can hurt the growth prospects of the organization and that’s why it is essential to choose the software provider carefully.

A poor quality solution might not have the latest tools and services which your organization may require to operate properly. This could lead to the development of a considerable number of problems due to which, you should try to avoid low-quality solutions present in the market.


As you can see there are not many things to keep in mind while using these software solutions. Moreover, the service provider will help you in every way possible and you will not have to handle many technical tasks.