Unified Payment Interface: The revolution in Banking Sector

UPI or as more commonly known as Unified Payment Interface is without a doubt a revolution in the entire banking industry. This is simply because of the ease of use it offers for both the users as well as the merchants and also the financial institutions. Let us take a deeper look to understand all of this better. Continue reading


Fin e-KYC: Real Time Solution for Paperless KYC Process

Innovation is at an all-time rise, and industries are always adapting processes that will enhance the customer experience and make it a seamless experience for them. In this wave of innovation, the financial institutions and banks are also adapting to the technology of eKYC, a service by UIDAI to verify the credentials of an individual through digital means. Continue reading

Mobile Banking Solutions – To Get Rid of Unsavory Customer Experience

It is not enough to simply offer the services that everyone else if offering, it is highly important to also be innovative in the way you offer those services, because that is what will make you stand apart from everyone else. A lot of financial technologies are coming up now, which cater to various different operations and help the banks improve on their clientele. Continue reading

FinLEGAL: To Manage and Track Litigation Processes

NPAs also known as Non-performing assets can become a burden over-time if they are not kept a track of and proper actions aren’t taken at the correct time. And there is no financial institution or bank which doesn’t have any NPAs, that is something which isn’t possible, and so it is essential for these financial institutions to be equipped with legal recovery solutions so that they can take correct measures. Continue reading

Why Enterprise Solutions is Important in The Banking Industry

Enterprise software is computer software, which is used to meet the needs of an organization, instead of individual users. These organizations include banks, schools, clubs, charities and governments among others. This software is an integral part of an information system. Enterprise solutions play an important role in the banking industry. They promote customer service and help banks to maintain awareness of operations as well as save costs. Continue reading