What are the Benefits of Using AEPS Services as a Service Provider?

The Aadhaar enabled payments system is a type of payment system launched by the national payments corporation of India. The system is based on the unique identification number that is the Aadhaar number to make seamless transactions. The Aadhaar holders can conduct various types of financial transactions through the system. The Aadhaar enabled payment system was launched with a motto to connect all sections of society. As almost everyone in the country has Aadhaar, the system allows anyone to perform a financial transaction. Through AEPS you can transfer funds, make payments, deposit cash, withdraw cash, perform a balance enquiry. AEPS not only benefits the customer but also benefits the service provider. In this post let us see how it benefits the service provider.

How does AEPS work?

Before seeing how AEPS benefits a service provider, let us understand how the system works.

  • First, you should visit the nearby micro-ATM or a banking correspondent who provides AEPS service.
  • Now, give your Aadhaar number and the bank name that is linked to your Aadhaar number.
  • Once the service provider enters the Aadhaar number, choose the type of transaction that you want to perform.
  • Authenticate the transaction by verifying fingerprint or an iris scan.
  • The transaction will complete within no time and you can collect your receipt.

Benefits as a service provider

You can be a service provider and set up a micro ATM and provide the benefits of AEPS for customers. You can enjoy the following benefits as a service provider

  • If you are a shop owner, you can set up a mini banking service and offer AEPS service to the customers
  • You can offer various transaction facilities to the customer
  • You can attract a lot of customers by offering a single solution platform under one roof.
  • For every transaction you do via Aadhaar enabled payment system, you will earn commission
  • You customers can enjoy complete banking solutions nearby their homes.
  • The commission you earn will differ based on the type of transaction done.
  • On average, for every transaction done by the customer from your service, you will get a commission of 1.25 percent.

How to get the AEPS system

If you are an eligible candidate, you can get the AEPS service for your shop. If you are going to any financial firm there are some criteria for registration like you should be an Indian citizen, have full-time, part-time or work from home jobs. Also, you should have access to the internet and computers. You then have to provide some ID such as Pan Card and Aadhaar card along with a passport size photo. You can register and get the AEPS system for your shop or service providing centre.


The FinAEPS is an online immediate Aadhaar based software that connects the AePS interface of a National payment corporation and supports Aadhaar based transactions. It is hosted as a switch of the bank’s financial transaction and connected to the core banking system. The FinAEPS can be used in a multitude of ways

• Regular ATMs

• Business Correspondent Model

• Agent Banking through Micro-ATMs or Tablets

Bottom line

The Aadhaar enabled payment system is one of India’s top payment solutions. Get AEPS service from the best financial solution provider Finacus. Call now for information and a demo from our executives.

UPI Payments: NPCI is Looking to Port UPI Success to the Rest of Asia

The unified payments interface is one of the most successful modules established by NPCI. It has connected the country to make unified payments. The National payment corporation is looking for ways to build retail payment railroads in Asian countries as the flair for digital payments is on the rise. The government agency gas made set a subsidiary of NIPL (NPCI international) and a Kansas-based Fintech Company Euronet. Both have joined hands and have submitted a bid to the CBM (Central bank of Myanmar) to construct a real-time payments system combined with QR code generation and repository system. The idea was proposed by the South Asian nation.

An official said that The CBM project has received grants from World Bank and the successful implementation of the national payment corporation’s expertise would boost international aspirations. However, the bid might face severe competition from global payments giants such as Mastercard and Visa who also seem to be interested in the project. 

If the bid becomes successful, it will be one of the first among various other international projects that NPCI is planning in the Asian market. The Asian market includes several economies such as Malaysia, UAE and Singapore which are on the top of mass digitization and finding a way to build interoperable networks quite similar to UPI’s.

Digital payment thrust

There are various smaller economies dependent on cash in the global community. Myanmar is eyeing to build a national road of digital payments in these smaller economies. A lot of Indian fintech companies loved these projects to the UPI solution, IMPS and AEPS developed by national payment corporations over the past decade. If NPIL succeeds in developing an interoperable payment infrastructure for smaller jurisdictions such as Myanmar, they could establish their position as a serious international player.

Also, the RBI has opened the gates of challenge over NPCI’s dominance. It has opened gates for private entities to set up a variety of Umbrella entities. If NPCI becomes a global player, the dominance of NPCI can’t be questioned on the home turf.

This has not stopped NPCI from having international aspirations. Its popular payment network UPI payment has gained the attention of international organizations such as International settlement and google.

What is UPI? 

UPI or Unified Payments Interface is a payment interface developed by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India). In simple words, you can define UPI payment system as an advanced version of IMPS.

How UPI works?

You can use the following to process UPI transaction

Payer app

Payment service provider or allows the customer to initiate a transaction. The payer app includes some common apps such as Gpay, Phonepe, Bhim, PayTM, etc. Payer apps have replaced traditional banking apps. While initiating a transaction, NPCI takes care of verification. Every app has a sponsor bank to start onboarding users.

Sender’s bank 

In UPI payment gateway, money is sent from the sender’s bank to the merchant or the receiver’s bank.

Finacus UPI solution

Finacus offers the best UPI platform with an API interface including the NPCI. It also integrates with the universal mobile interface. It offers a robust solution to keep security as the primary goal. The UPI payments offer a reliable solution with virtual addresses.

Bottom line

If you don’t have an UPI integrated system, contact the best financial solution provider, Finacus. You can get your hands-on demo and get the required information from executives.

Top 5 FinTech Trends to watch out for in 2021 – Finances

The year 2020 was a wake-up call for digital innovators. Though the year was on halt due to the pandemic, the online platform went booming increasing the need for innovative banking solutions to solve the fast-paced demands of the customer. This became especially true for financial technology or fintech. The fintech industry is booming with new technology and is on the lookout for enhanced solutions. With tons of people opting for an online financial transaction, it’s no surprise that Fintech has grown to the next level. After the growth seen in 2020, 2021 expects a lot of new trends that continue to grow related to customer demand. In this post let us take a look at 5 FinTech trends you can watch out for.

Digital-only banking

Though digital banking has been in use for the past decade, the pandemic spiked the popularity and demand of the online banking system. Research exhibits that more than 50 percent of customers used digital banking. 87 percent of people using digital banking plan to continue using online banking even after the pandemic. This shows that online banking has become a necessity. Along with online banking, mobile banking has also become the match-winner. Fintech is developing robust mobile banking and online banking system.

Biometric security systems

The mobile banking system and various digital finance solutions that have gained popularity are now at the fingertips of people. But with the spread of digital solutions, security-related issues arise. FinTech companies strive to find a solution that can be used to enhance security. Biometric security systems are one of the best ways to take security to the next level. Likewise, the market of a biometric system is expanding and is undergoing major changes. The biometric systems that need physical contact are said to drop while contactless biometric systems will rein the market.

Open banking

Open banking is another popular technology that brings together banks and financial technology and allows data networking. It allows the banks to make use of their data in a standardized and secure manner. The open banking system also helps to control the banking and clients’ financial data using a third-party app with AI and ML. The open banking systems are speculated to have a booming future. According to the reports, open banking is going to reach $43.15 billion by 2026. The systems offer a consolidated view of the customer financial accounts and help in better financial decisions.


The regulatory technology or RegTech is expected to bring significant technological advancements. It is going to regulate the financial industry and transform the financial landscape. RegTech performs various functions such as monitoring, risk management, and compliance software. It helps banks and various other financial institutions to cut administrative overhead and provide stability for customers. The RegTech is exceptionally known for its speed, agility and analytical features.

Payment innovations

The payments innovation of FinTech includes various elements such as mobile payment, mobile wallets, AI and ML security, identity verification and more. The mobile banking payment is said to see huge growth in 2021 with more than 760 million users across the globe. Mobile wallets have become favourite for people as it promotes contactless payment. The apps also offer rewards, offers for the users making it most loved.

Bottom line

Get your FinTech solutions now and make your business advanced. We at Finacus offer a robust solution as the best financial service provider in the country.

Online Payment Solution: Leading to a Cashless World!

The main goal of the economy in today’s world is a cashless world. People tend to use cards and phones to make payments and transactions instead of cash. A few years back, using the card was what people aimed for and that is what the banks promoted. But using card required machines at commercial points. In case there are no machines people have to use cash. This is no longer the case with the advent of an online banking system. Online banking system allows the customer to perform various banking activities on the go or from the comfort of the home. To use an online banking system, all one needs is a smartphone and a bank account, which now can be opened online. Online banking eliminates the need for cash.

Advantages of online banking

There are various online banking methods and each has its benefit. However, the advantages of online banking on whole cannot be neglected.

PCI compliance

The online banking solution ensures safety for any financial transaction that you perform. The word PCI abbreviates as Payment Card industry. It has listed a few goals that have to be followed by all the banks that issue and deal with a credit card. The main goals include maintaining a secure network, protecting the data of cardholders and regularly monitoring every transaction.

SSL 128-bit data encryption

Most of the online management software adheres to the SSL 128-bit data encryption policy to shield the information that passes through the online banking system. The data encryption allows the online banking system in India to process all types of credit and debit cards, and gateway payments in a secured manner to prevent any fraudulent activity.

Optimized customer journey

The online banking solution allows the customer to make a purchase anywhere around the globe and any time of the day. Instant confirmation and convenience of instantaneous payment improve customer retention and gratification.

Reduced processing cost

To provide card transactions for the customer, one has to tie up with a card processor. The processor will offer a payment gateway to process the transaction and incur a charge for processing. Instead of this, if you use online payment software, the charges of the processor can be reduced.

Various method of payment acceptance

When you depend on the traditional brick and mortar stores, the payments are done usually through cash or card. But in an online setup, you have an endless possibility of payment. The banks have adopted this notion and offer various modes through which the customer can make a payment. Some of the most common online payment methods include e-wallets, mobile banking, and more.

Handle money with any tension

Every kind of business from event Management companies to local stores can find an online payment solution that is user-friendly and safe. With an online management system, money collected can easily be segregated and organized according to preference. Less human interference equals improved efficiency.

Altogether, internet banking services in addition to paving the way for a cashless world improves the efficiency of banks and standardizes operation.


FinCore, a completely web-based solution for Core banking to improve the banking sector at a reduced price. The FinCore solution is a multi-pronged system that addresses various aspects of banking operations and financial management. Some noteworthy features include:

• Ease of access

• User-friendly interface

• Save time and cost of processing

• Better management of risk

• Customer retaining features

Bottom line

With online banking increasing at a stellar pace, get your online solution from Finacus. Experience the demo and take a step ahead for a cashless world.

Bharat Bill Payment – A Secure and Simple Mode of Payment

The Bharat bill payment system is developed by the Reserve bank of India and the National Payments Corporation of India. This one-stop bill payment promotes the goal of anywhere and anytime bill payment. It is also the best destination for all recurring payments. It is an all-in-one bill payment system for all your bills with features such as interoperability. The BBPS has employed several modes of bill collection including electricity, telecom, DTH, gas, water bills, etc. The Bharat bill payment interface can be used to pay recurring payments such as insurance premiums, mutual funds, school fees, institution fees, credit cards, housing society payments, etc. As the interface has an option for almost everything, it is one of the simplest modes of payment.

How to use BBPS?

Making a bill payment on the Bharat bill payment system is simple

  • Step 1: First link your mobile to any internet banking gateway or app of your respective bank or visit a bank or retail shop.
  • Step 2: Open the BBPS tab in the respective app
  • Step 3: Now you have to choose the type of bill or the biller and feed the details of the bill
  • Step 4: After you initiate the payment, confirmation has to be given, and get a message.

The ease of use makes Bharat bill pay system a simple mode of bill payment. 

Noteworthy features of BBPS

The BBPS online payment service provides plenty of features to increase efficiency and make bill payments as simple as ABC for people. Let us take a look at some of the noteworthy features of the BBPS system.

Interoperable: The BBPS interface connects the banks and the non-bank system in the business for aggregation of the bill. It also pulls together billers, service providers of payment, and retail bill outlets.

Accessible: It provides a bill payment option through any channel no matter whether it is digital and physical.

Complaint management: The standardized system to address the grievances of the customer for both ON-US and OFF-US transactions makes it most favorable for customers.

Clearing and settlement: It provides multiple clearing and guaranteed settlements between plenty of parties.

Benefits of Bharat bill payment system

·        Various payment channels: The customers make a transaction through various payment channels such as Internet Banking, Mobile-Banking, m-wallets, ATM, and agents.

·        Different modes of payment: The Bharat bill payment platform gives endless modes to process payment of a bill. Some of the common modes of payment available are Credit, Debit, and Prepaid cards, NEFT, Internet banking, UPI, Wallets, Aadhar enabled payments system, and cash.

· The processing of bill payment is cost-effective

· Connects banks and non-banks through interoperability of the BBPS 

· The Bharat bill pay online is simple and safe to use

· Owns a Standardized dispute management system

· Payment can be done either on physical or digital channels.

· Faster settlement of payments is possible.


Fincaus offers one of the BBPS software solutions that adhere to the standards set by NPCI. It encompasses an app for customer touchpoints set up and handling bill payment through various delivery channels. The delivery channels include self-service, Agent assisted electronic and offline modes. It offers a platform for you to pay various utility bills such as electricity, water, gas, telephone and direct-to-home (DTH) television service, etc.

Bottom line

BBPS service will leverage your market presence. For the same, give a call to Finacus and get a demo of BBPS. 

5 Reasons to Use Core Banking Software

The growth dynamics of online banking are fast-paced. The traditional banking system cannot meet the needs of modern-day society. This is where the core banking system plays a huge role in providing a wide array of financial services to the customer under an umbrella. The core banking system has been around the corner for years and many banks are adapting them only as the demand has increased. However, some banks are still hesitant to implement a core banking system because of the daunting task and increased cost of maintenance. The core banking systems not only streamlines daily operations but also defines new capabilities, innovation, and growth of the financial institution. If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons to use the Core banking system.

What is a core banking system?

The word “CORE” expands as Centralized Online Real-time Exchange. According to the Wikipedia definition, Core banking is a service provided by a group of networked branches of bank that allows the customer to access their bank account and perform basic financial transactions from any of the member branch offices. In simple words, the core banking systems allow the customer to carry out basic financial transactions from anywhere in the world.

Why should banks use “CORE”?

Standardized banking process

A few decades back, a whole day will be gone for a transaction to reflect into an account as the data from the local branch are sent to the data center only by the end of the day. However, with core banking, most of the transactions can be done within few minutes. Here are some important ways in which the CORE banking system improves your bank’s market reach.

Improves employee efficiency

The CORE banking software solutions automate plenty of baking processes and reduce the work on the front-end employees. The employees get more time focusing on more important tasks such as improving the marketing of new products and customer satisfaction. It also allows employees of different branches to communicate faster and in a seamless manner through a centralized communication system.

Reduces operation cost

The Core banking system can bring together multiple stand-alone apps and minimizes the cost of operation and maintenance. The bank can upgrade to a shared service platform and cut down on the expenses required to maintain the systems. Providing location independence opens the gate for more customers without spending much on infrastructure and support. The centralized backup and printing minimize the cost as there is no need for separate systems at each branch.

Convenience to the customers

With a digital core banking system, the customers can now experience a superior banking system without visiting the branch. The core banking system offers banking services through various channels such as internet banking, mobile banking, ATMs, and more.

Increases customer retention rate

Satisfying the customer is the ultimate goal of any business and banking is not an exception. With a core banking system, customer queries are addressed immediately and effectively. The best customer support increases retention.


FinCore, a completely web-based core banking solution helps you lay the platform to meet existing challenges in the banking sector at a minimized price of operation and maintenance. This robust solution from Finacus helps in leveraging the quality of your business operations. The FinCore solution is multi-pronged addressing various aspects of banking operations and financial management. Some noteworthy features of the best core banking software include:

• Ease of access

• User-friendly interface

• Save time and cost of processing

• Better management of risk

• Customer retaining features

Bottom line

Times have changed and the Core banking system leverages the operation and improves your market reach. For core banking solutions from one of the best providers of digital solutions, Finacus, give a call now and get a demo.

5 Features of UPI 2.0

A unified payment interface is a real-time payment system. This system helps to transfer funds instantly between two banks, and you can do this with the help of your mobile phones. The launch of UPI was in August 2016. Ever since its launch, the face of digital payments has changed vigorously. Today UPI is one of the most preferred mode of payment.

A unified payment interface has undoubtedly simplified the digital payment ecosystem. This is even continually evolving to simplify even more and provide more benefits to the people. With the launch of UPI2.0, you will now be able to do a lot more than ever before. It comes with some new cool features that can take the digital ecosystem a step ahead. Read on more to learn about its unique features.

Critical features of UPI 2.0

Given below are all the new key features of UPOI 2.0.

One time mandate

This is one of the best features of the UPI payment system. With this, the customers can pre-authorize a Debit transaction from their linked bank account later. This UPI can be used in the scenarios where the money is to be transferred on a future date. You can schedule your payments while the money can be transferred later. The mandates are created with one-time book functionality. The customers can pre-authorize a transaction and can pay. In the case of the merchant payments or the service, this acts as an assurance to both the customer and the merchant.

Two-factor authentication

This is one of the security features that come into effect during the transaction process. While registering on UPI, the user will get an option to set an MPIN via mobile PIN. The MPIN is a 4 or 6 digit number set up while registering on the UPI app.

Generating it is an easy process. You can develop it by just clicking on the create or generate MPIN tab and entering your debit card details. In the transactions, the MPIN plays a significant role and is used to authenticate a transaction. Don’t worry if you forget the MPIN. You can change it if you forget it by using the same create or generate MPIN tab.

For Lggin MPIN is required, for transactions TPIN is required.

TPIN is 4 or 6 digits

Invoice in the inbox

When a collect request was is sent, one could only verify the amount being paid and make the UPI payment post entering the UPI PIN. This was done earlier. Now proper prior to making payments, the customers can check the invoice that is being paid via a link and thereby verify the transaction details before they pay for the same. This function is available for the invoices to the verified merchants. The customers will now get to view the bill in the UPI app. Also, they can verify the details and pay the invoice.

  • Linking of overdraft account

The customers can now link their overdraft account to UPI in addition to the current and savings account. This feature gives customers a digital channel to access their overdraft account. With this instant linking of overdraft account in the UPI payment gateway is also possible. Customers can now enjoy all the benefits associated with the overdraft account.

  • Signed intent and QR

 If the customer is making payment through scanning QR or the new intent, they will get the additional security in signed QR or intent.

FINACUS offers the FinUPI: Unified Payment Interface solution that is like a wallet but is more than just a wallet. Our solutions is having scalable architecture and have been developed, keeping in mind today’s security challenges. Request a demo for more information.

5 Inherent Features of Top Banking Software Companies

The banking industry today had to go through several changes. One of the changes was to integrate a blockchain in the financial services of the bank. For the bank to remain with many customers, it has to invest in banking software and technology. The technological changes affect even the banking industry. Therefore it is essential to keep up with the technology changes to offer quality banking services to clients. With these increasing demands, the banking software companies are coming out with robust software that provides the ideal solution to financial institutions.

When the banks are very keen to build the software that provides the mobile solutions, and when they plan to hire the services that build such software, banks need to consider some important features before choosing the best software provider.  Read on more to know the five integral features of the top banking software companies.

Wide range of clients

While a bank wants to hire the best company to get the best online banking services, it should pay attention to look into the list of clients belonging to the software company. A reputed company in the market will have a wide range of clients. They will also take pride in its rich clientele that unveils clients from the far corners of the globe. The established ones offer the best solutions for the customers belonging to the finance, banking and insurance industries.

Experienced team

The reputed online banking software providers are well equipped with the modern trends and technologies in the market. The best company will have the best team with lots of experience that paves the way for ideal banking solutions. The team comprises the subject matter experts, financial specialists, portfolio managers, investment managers, bankers and other specialists. They all work together to provide effective solutions for clients across the globe.

Customized solutions

One of the features that sets experienced companies apart from the ordinary ones is their ability to offer customized online banking software solutions. The reputed companies that build online banking software should have rich experience in offering customized solutions. These establishments mainly deal with the specific needs of financial institutions and come up with solutions that address the needs of financial institutions.

Software with high-value performance

The software company that earns acclaims from various quarters is a company that is known for its high-value performance. The software they develop gets implemented easily and quickly and gets maintained efficiently. The complete integration of modules, low operational and maintenance costs, and the rapid deployment of various mobile products become the inherent elements of the software that gets built to offer online banking solutions.

Good support

A company that develops the software to offer online solutions to financial institutions provides good support. They make sure whether the software functions efficiently and smoothly at all times.

Therefore, when the financial institutions plan to hire the particular online banking service provider, they have to pay attention to these five integral features, which helps to pick the best one in the process.

FINACUS is one of the best banking software companies. One of our products is FINLUNA that helps the bank provide the loan originating system with excellent support in creating flawless documentation and delivering effective service to its customers. If you want something that can support different loan products and loan types, you can get help from FINACUS.

5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Loan Management System

Loan processing should be carried out in quick time which will provide competitive advantages and better utilization of time for the applicants. Hence, there is a need to have a technology that is not time-consuming for the institutions and is more convenient for the potential borrowers. Most of the time, the NBFCs have to deal with the process delays, and the major problem here is the manual loan processing system, which results in long the prospective customers altogether.

 In order to avoid such things, most of the non-banking financial institutions are going with the automated loan processing system. This helps both the customers and the institutions in a better manner. A loan management system tends to add immense value by cutting down the paperwork which is needed during the loan application processing period. This can elevate the overall customer experience the applicant receives.

Things to be considered before choosing the loan management system

Before opting for the loan management services, there are certain things that one needs to consider so that the desired result can be obtained to satisfy the buyers. These factors are significant in opting for the loan management system.

  • Broader coverage

It is essential to explore bank loan management solutions that cover a broad array of uses. Whether it is mortgage documentation or assets financing, an LMS needs to provide total assistance. This also delivers financial advancing activities like that of commercial leasing or consumer loan, or any other.

A well-structured loan management system will surely do a great job when it comes to broad areas at a cost-effective price. This kind of adaptability across a wide range of benefits will help the loan management system software to emerge as a valid business driver for the organization.

  • User friendly

 The customers hardly appreciate something complex. A complex loan system is also something like that, which is hardly appreciated by the customers, and they rarely opt for such financial loans. To improve the operational efficiency and boost the account management sanctions, make sure you need a loan management system that is simple to set up and configure as per the exclusive business needs.

 The LMS needs to deliver excellent outcomes. Non-banking financial institutions should get the ability to spend less time on administrative activities. Such user-friendliness will offer tremendous gain for businesses and increase ROI from a loan management solution.

  • Centralized solution

A good loan recovery management system ensures all of its loan application data becomes centralized into a holistic and singular view for the loan department.

  • Speed and agility

  Who says that the quick approval and sanction of loans in an institution is not an advantage? It is an asset to the institution and an attraction to the clients.

  • Technology and customer service support

 A good loan management system harnesses technological advancements. This is to provide the best experience of disbursing loans and improves the customer experience of the non-banking financial institution.

These are the five factors that you have to consider before choosing a loan management system. FINACUS is one of the best software development companies that serve the PSBs, state cooperative banks and other banks across India as well as overseas. FinLUNA is a robust, comprehensive product that results in increased operational efficiency and a robust loan management process. All our products ensure controls over transaction and data integrity, operational efficiency, risk management and compliance.

Know, How Core Banking Solutions Can Increase Your Company’s Revenue

Core banking solutions have become quite a buzzword in recent years with the advent of computer technology and the concept of digital banking. The core banking system is a perfect example of the word revolution. Over the past few decades, different phases of transformation have taken the banking sector to the next level. The days when people had to wait in queues to make trivial banking operations are in the past. On the move banking with comfort and convenience is on the rise. Also, with cashless movements, banks are not just a place to deposit and withdraw money. Instead, banks have become a pivotal part of a country’s economy and growth. It doesn’t come as a surprise that core banking software along with growth of the country, improves business too.

What is the Core banking system?

CORE is the nickname for “Centralized Online Real-time Exchange.” As the name says it all, Core banking is a centralized network for a bank and its respective branches. The Core banking system allows your customers to access their account and manage it along with performing basic transaction functions at any of their respective branches. In simple words, a core banking system is like a data control center for all branches of a bank.

Historically, the core banking systems were associated with the retail sector of the bank. However, over the years, the surge of corporate clients has widened the scope for the CORE system paving way for something more than retail. Widening the platform has resulted in a boost of revenue for banks. Let us throw some light on how the core banking system monetizes the clients by offering the best.

Increased customer engagement

The secret behind phenomenal revenue generation is efficient customer engagement. Core banking systems have increased customer engagement with minimal effort. An endless list of features such as anytime anywhere banking, online opening of accounts, balance inquiry, and viewing transactions has pulled customers to the best core banking software. As more people come to your bank for convenience, high revenue generation is achieved with minimal effort and a robust solution.

Increased productivity

The prime function of a Core banking system is to reduce management loads on banking. It has taken the edge off doing mind-numbing and redundant tasks manually. It has made assessing, managing, and upgrading data a lot more facile. This reflects improved employee efficiency and productivity. Along with improving efficiency, it has minimized human errors. Reduced errors mean increased customer engagement and retention.

Easy and safe management 

Core banking has laid a platform for economical information system management and also facilitates timely decisions. Top core banking systems are built based on safe and well-developed programs to create a safe environment. This ultimately falls in the good books of the customer and increases revenue.


FinCore, a completely web-based solution for Core banking lays the platform to meet existing challenges in the banking sector at a reduced price. This robust solution by Finacus helps streamline your business operations. The FinCore solution is multi-faceted addressing various aspects of banking operations and financial management. Some noteworthy features include:

• Ease of access

• User-friendly interface

• Save time and cost of processing

• Better management of risk

• Customer retaining features

Bottom line

Our stellar Core banking solution addresses each desideratum of financial management and lays the road for increased revenue generation. As an explicable provider of banking solutions, we offer demo and information for you.