UPI – A new digital peak for Digital Transactions

A decade ago, online payments weren’t an easily available option but in this era of online shopping, everyone is looking to technology which will make all tasks simple, and even make payment transactions easier. For this vendors across the globe are using payment gateways to provide hassle free transactions to their users.

Through a UPI payment system, a user can link multiple bank accounts in a single app, and make easy transactions with the help of a virtual payment address. Being compatible with most banks, UPI solution is among the most preferred digital payment method. Additionally, many third party applications are integrating UPI payment system with their platform, to provide a seamless experience to their users.

A number of services can be availed through UPI solutions ranging from sending funds to another bank account, receiving funds directly in the bank account, paying for various merchants using QR code scanning, paying for taxi among various other day to day transactions. Having being tied up with more than 40 banks and financial institutions across the country, fund transfers have become a hassle free experience, and can be initiated 24×7, from the comfort of one’s own home.

Finacus UPI solution has a universal interface for users, also supports a scalable framework and has been developed keeping all the challenges faced while making payments online. With UPI payment systems, users get can a change to make all carry out all transactions on a single interface, irrespective of their different bank accounts, for all payment systems across the country.


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