FinMOBICONNECT – A robust and well-integrated banking solution

Technology is known to have a positive impact and make everyone’s daily tasks easier and faster. While mobiles were initially used for communication purposes, the latest technological features have made it possible to carry out other services as well through our smart phones, with everything being made available at the tip of the fingers.

Whether you want to purchase a new dress or a pair of shoes to book your travel tickets everything can be easily done with our phones. Along with these advancements, the technology of the banking services is advancing as well, and now everyone can have easy access to mobile banking solutions to make their purchases and transactions faster and secure.

With the oncoming of mobile banking services, customers don’t have to visit the banks and can easily carry out the transactions from the comfort of their homes. Banking software integrated in mobile phones, now allows banks to offer a wide range of services such as statements, fund transfers, credit/debit card requests and much more on the software itself.

Finacus, a mobile banking solution provider, decided to curate and provide one of the fastest and safest mobile banking service for all types of transactions on a single platform. With IMPS, i.e. Immediate Mobile Payment Services, the customers can make transactions on any day and at any time without any hassles, thus getting a complete satisfaction when using mobile banking services. Additionally, with FinMOBICONNECT you can customize the mobile banking services for all your clients and also stay in touch with them constantly.

Having a secure mobile banking platform also helps you increase your clientèle, as people are assured that their money is safe and they can carry out various tasks involving fund transfers, account statement requests, applying for debit/credit card or locating ATM nearby, makes them trust the bank more and they become loyal customers.

FinMOBICONNECT, is adaptable to online payment to avail good and services on online platforms, also making buying tickets irrespective of it being travel tickets or movie tickets or tickets for an event, everything is made easier, along with all types of bill payments.

All these features with a completely secure platform is what makes FinMOBICONNECT as the go to mobile banking solution to meet everyone’s requirements.


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