With the growing technology, one more necessity has been added in our lifes- Mobile Phones!! The irony lies in the fact that just the other day i saw a street beggar around with a ‘samsung top end model phone’! Also there is the ever rising traffic, and pollution, and people are always in a hurry, not to forget the waiting period where a man spends hours standing in queues. This had posed a big problem for people who want to do banking transactions. Traditionally, cheques have been the preferred method for making payments via banks. Cheques suffer from two drawbacks – one is the cost involved – on an average processing a single cheque costs a bank around Rs. 50. The other problem is the delay in receiving payments.

FinMOBICONNECT comes to rescue. FinMobiconnect helps the banks increase their clientele, by providing them with easy and time saving services as in this case- Immediate Mobile Payment Services (IMPS). With the arrival of IMPS, banks have a low cost, easily available channel to offer payment services. There are more mobile devices in India than there are internet connections or even bank accounts. India, alone has over 600 million mobile phone users – and the numbers are growing every month. All these mobile phone users make and receive payments every day. The need of the hour is to combine the two to provide the easiest, most convenient payment channel to the customer – an instant mobile payment service.

The few main features of FinMOBICONNECT can be listed below:

  • No more sharing of bank account details.
  • Credit and debit confirmations to sender and receiver.
  • Flexible enough to accommodate various mobile devices, networks, channels and transportation layers.
  • 24 x 7 availability and entire solution owned by the bank for complete control.

A few advantages of using FinMOBICONNECT:

  • Future ready- FinMOBICONNECT gives financial institutions a competitive edge by integrating state of the art technology with a host of innovative mobile marketing and advertising features.
  • FinMOBICONNECT can easily be adapted to on-Line payment for buying goods and services on-line; top up of pre-paid mobiles; buying airline, rail, bus and movie tickets; and other bill payments.
  • The result is a secure and scalable platform that helps banks to increase loyalty, acquire new customers, cross-sell products plus much more.
  • IMPS ensures a safe and secure method for making payments. The combination of mobile number and MMID ensures that the amount is not sent to a wrong recipient, which helps banks build trust with their customers.

So, with the evolution of humans, societies, and Mobile Phones- Finacus brings a smart solution to meet banks and their customers needs with this software.


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